Usama Khalid

23 • Karachi - Pakistan

Little about me

I'm a product maker, designer & marketer. I love building and shipping modern software products. I'm currently running which is my full time project. While on weekend I do often do little side projects with random strangers. :)

I don't know much coding. I just know little bit, but I'm mostly into business, design and marketing.

About my work



A SaaS which helps personal brands create social media content easily.



Simplest one page LinkedIn scheduling tool for personal brands.



Enable voice for your website so you can interact in more personal way.



Increase eCom click-through rates through shoppable tags.

Growth Hopper


A growth marketing agency

About my journey

I started my journey with affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, doing freelance design projects, crypto projects and other small gigs.

I made some good money with it & then started building software products with that money.

I launched my first product Shopables on Product Hunt and it hit #1 Product Of The Day. 🏆

It got acquired after few weeks. A local marketing agency offered me to work with them. I said YES and now i'm working with them building some more exciting software products.
(UPDATE: I just quit that job)

I started Contentdrips as a side project. I came up with the idea, because of my own need. Created its mockup, called my developer and we made it. It came in #3 Product Of The Day.
(UPDATE: now it's my full time project)

I launched with a random stranger on Twitter. It was featured #2 product of the day on ProductHunt. (Got acquired recently) is my most recent side project which i partnered with someone i met on internet. Follow me on social media for more updates on it.

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